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Why Choose ACLP Photography Course?

We cater to just about every learning style to help the photography student learn and remember the shared information. We offer a printed spiral with over 300 images, a workbook section, and answer key. Our other option is a narrated online course that is packed with photography examples and each lesson is concluded with a graded  assessment. The course is available for up to one year to take at your leisure. 


Interested in our Photography Curriculum? 

You've come to the right place. Our course is filled with easy to understand photography instruction. 


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 We accept allotment with participating homeschools. 

Current vendors with Idea, CyberLynx, and Raven 

ACLP Photography Course Contents

Filled with interactive games such as fun facts worksheets, shooting in black and white mode, weekly themes and photo scavenger hunts. Each lesson is followed by assessments and assignments to incorporate hands on learning activities. 

All About Portraits

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Shooting Out In Nature

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Also Known as Macro

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Simple Editing Steps

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Learn To Press The Shutter Button With CONFIDENCE!!!!

Online Content Only


Top Features

Online Instruction & Assessments

Includes Instructional Video Clips with ABCD Type Answer Choices

Portraits, Nature & Wildlife, Close-up, Nerdy, & Editing


Printed Spiral Only


Top features

 145 Page Printed Curriculum, Workbook, & Answer Key

Over 300 Images 

Portraits, Nature & Wildlife, Close-up, Nerdy, & Photo Editing



Online Course & Spiral


Top features

Online Course Access Plus The Printed Spiral Curriculum, Workbook, & Answer Key  Shipped To You. 



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Our artwork is featured in several companies from McDonalds, all the way to the Governors Office. Other business clients: Dell, Alaska Magazine, Bering Strait, MTA, South Central and many others as well.  Take a look to see if we have what you are looking for and shoot us an email to start the decorating process. 

Hey there!

I'M Glenda Christina.

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I’ve always believed if you fully apply yourself, then you can succeed in whatever you put your hand to.

As a photography instructor, I desire to share my lifelong lessons and passion for photography. The goal is to help empower others to take little steps on a journey to becoming a better photographer.

My courses should help you better understand the photography craft and gain an understanding of how to use your photography equipment. Bringing your photographs to a whole new level! 


~ Award & prize winning photographer with work published in stock photo companies all over the entire world. Her artwork is portrayed by companies such as Dell, in lobbies, on buses, in calendars, books, brochures, ads, and more.