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We are vendors with Idea, CyberLynx, Raven, Iditarod, and Craig Homeschool. We also have curriculum available for pick up at Learning Essentials located in Wasilla, Alaska.

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All of our lessons are short and sweet, meaning that they get straight to the point without a bunch of confusing content fillers

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ACLP Photography Course Pricing Options

If you are enrolled in a local homeschool that we are a vendor with then please contact your advisory teacher to sign up for these classes.

Printed Curriculum Only


Spiral Curriculum ~Includes Content, Workbook, & Answer Key + Shipping  

This choice does not include the online video collection.


I Want The Spiral Curriculum

Online Access Only


Originally $300

Access to 56 video lessons with individal assessments after each lesson. The student is then given a percentage grade at the completion of the course. 


Nature & Wildlife

Close Up

Nerdy But Needed

Photo Editing


Note~ This choice does not include the printed spiral curriculum. 

I Want The Online Classes

Online Access & Printed Curriculum


Originally $400

I Want It All! 

Spiral Curriculum Shipped (USA)

Workbook & Answer Key Included


Online Access To All 56 Lessons


Nature & Wildlife

Close Up

Nerdy But Needed

Basic Photo Editing


 Assessments After Each Lesson

I Want It All !!!


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