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Take Better Photographs 

This online course is filled with easy to understand information. Now you can spend more time shooting, and less time trying to figure out what the heck photography is all about.


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Hey there!

I'M Glenda Christina.

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I’ve always believed if you fully apply yourself, then you can succeed in whatever you put your hand to.

As a photography instructor, I desire to share my lifelong lessons and passion for photography. The goal is to help empower others to take little steps on a journey to becoming a better photographer.

My courses should help you better understand the photography craft and gain an understanding of how to use your photography equipment. Bringing your photographs to a whole new level! 


~ Award & prize winning photographer with work published in stock photo companies all over the entire world. Her artwork is portrayed by companies such as Dell, in lobbies, on buses, in calendars, books, brochures, ads, and more. 

ACLP Photography Course Contents

Filled with interactive games such as fun facts worksheets, shooting in black and white mode, weekly themes and photo scavenger hunts. Each lesson is followed by assessments and assignments to incorporate hands on learning activities. 

All About Portraits

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Shooting Out In Nature

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Also Known as Macro

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Simple Editing Steps

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