Cellphone Snowflake Photograph Tips

Nov 10, 2022

We all love looking at pictures of snowflakes. They are filled with such amazing details, that it is hard to look at them, without taking a photograph. We cover all these tips and more in the close up section of our curriculum, but I did want to share a few tips here as well for those who do not have access to the course. 

Here are a few quick tips:

1. Keep an object in the freezer that you would like to use as a landing pad for the snowflakes. This way they will not melt as soon as they hit an object that was kept at a 66-70 degree temperature. The frozen landing pad helps the snowflake keep its form, extending the shooting time. 

2. Use several different colored objects as landing pads. This way all of your snowflake images will look really creative and different. Small colorful cutting boards are perfect for this. 

3. Make sure you have enough light. Some winter days can be on the dark side, casting a blue tinge color cast on the background. Use an outdoor light, headlamp, or a flashlight to help with this. 

4. Get close! Zoom in close to capture fine details. 

5. Crop your snowflake image afterwards to bring in even more detail. That's it! 

Although most macro photographers use expensive gear to pull this off, you can still get some decent shots by following these simple tips. Now get out and capture some snowflake images. 




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